Interview by Luigi Sanchez

What do you think your life would be like if you were not born in Almeria, Spain? How do you think that being born in the South of Spain has influenced you as skater?  I think that I would be the same person; I would be in the same existential and spiritual plane as I am at now… I could be you and you could be me, but who knows bro… Being born in the South of Spain has been crucial for me. Almeria is one of the most enlightened cities in the world, and down here, Schumann resonance and sunlight are a very important part of our lives. Light is one of the main gateways to knowledge. Sunlight provides you with energy and happiness, something that is very important when you want to practice any activity.

You seem to be very interested in music. What role does music play in your life?  To be honest with you, music itself does not inspire me anymore. It’s actually more of an impediment. Silence is what is inspiring now… I play guitar just when I’m bored. Although sometimes, I think that I would like to have a band, take the stage with friends, make some noise and play with chicks… Make all those things that feed the ego…

I know that diet and food are a very important part of your life nowadays. Tell me about that   Eating well is important to me but feeding emotionally is even more important… Talking about food, it is true that I’ve been following a different diet for the last couple of years compared to what I ate in the past. I felt bad for a long time, sort of sick, with stomach pains from time to time so I decided to change this… I stopped eating some animal origin food, sugar or refined flour among other things… I got into vegetables and drinking a lot more water… I noticed an incredible improvement in a very short time. More importantly, the best food is love!

I still remember that time when we met in London 4 years ago which was your first time traveling out of Spain. Now you seem to travel a lot considering you just came back from a Redbull trip to Jordan. How would you say that travelling has changed your perception on life?  Travelling gives you the opportunity to live lot of situations that you aren’t used to experiencing in your normal life. New languages are unknown to you, people from different cultures who you live with, different religions, different climates, different food… For all that, you need time to adapt… The mind starts to open and you begin to question things… I learned a lot while travelling, and lived lot of adventures. I’ve had many experiences than make you appreciate different perspectives on life… I’m so thankful for that.

Within skateboarding you can skate so many different ways, expressing each one’s personality. In your Technical Life video part, it is pretty clear that you are one of the top ledges skaters in the world. What does it take to become a technical skateboarder?  Almeria is a city full of ledges. I spent my entire life skating plazas surrounded by ledges so skating that way wasn’t too hard for me… it was what we had in my town… Mullen, Creager, Brennen, Santos, Daewon, Javier Asensio (peluquin), and some others that I can’t remember, where a group of masters…  But on the other hand, I always enjoyed watching Colin and Way skating Vert. I wanted to fly as they did but we didn’t have anything like that in Almeria, so I had to adapt myself to what the city offered us…

How long does it take you to film a video part with technical ledge wizardry?   More than a few months. I would say more like a year or sometimes two… Sometimes, there is that trick that it looks simple and it takes me hours until I get it. And other days, a crazy technical one might only take me three minutes… I think this is something that sounds familiar to all who rides a skateboard, right? Some days seem that I can’t even ride my board, and other days, it is like I would disappear and tricks comes out super easy….without interruption…

You have very personal bag of tricks that no one has seen or done before. Do you dream of them and them?  Many of them come up in the right moment, while skating… Others because of friends… I dream a lot, but in my dreams I skate miniramps, stairs and gaps . But, never ledges!

 Let’s talk about your set-up. What do you skate?  I skate 8.0” and 8.25” Darkstar decks, 50mm Wreck wheels and 5.25” Tensor Req mag lites.

Social networks have a lot of information constantly… what do you want to tell through it?  Apart from the fact of being able to communicate worldwide, for me, social networks are part of the ego’s game, where you show what you are able to do, among other things…

 I consider you as a quiet and deep thinking person. As you know life goes by very quickly. How would you like to be remembered?  If you think about me, and you feel happy & compassionate, that’s enough for me!