Darkstar Throwback - Summer 2017

We’ve thrown it back to 1997 with original Darkstar graphics!

This Limited Edition “Throwback” series brings back veteran pros Chet Thomas and Paul Machnau, along with Ryan Decenzo and Dave Bachinsky.

Made with IMPACT Light: the lightest, well rounded construction. POP STRONGER LONGER. 45 Day Guarantee Against Breakage. 



Chet founds Darkstar in his parent’s Huntington Beach garage... and the rest is Summer 2017“Throwback” history!

What are some highlights from the Darkstar memory vault?
Our first team trip to Barcelona while filming for the Battalion video was amazing! Barcelona was still a new experience to the skate world at the time and we were all completely blown away by the spots, people, and ease of transportation – skating all day everyday without driving, jumping fences or getting kicked out of spots! Another stand out memory is KOTR – driving the team from North Carolina to California – all the madness required is something I will never forget... or fully recover from!!



Machnau joins the Darkstar team and moves to California, leading the way for a fresh crop of skaters...

What was the most challenging handrail you conquered?
I guess the one that comes to mind the most is my Big Brother cover on this 20 stair at a school in Vancouver. I always wanted to skate it but the ground was horrid and it has a 3 stair ten feet before it.  Rick Kosick was in town and needed a cover so I took him there with some wood to roll down the 3 set. I remember standing at the top and thinking “What the hell did I get myself into?” but a few tries later was rolling away.  I just turned Pro, I couldn’t take him there and not try it! ha!



Ryan Decenzo joins the Darkstar team, his first pro model comes in 2010... and he continues to kill every spot he touches...

What made you the most hyped to ride for Darkstar?
It was insane when I got on the team in 2006 because all the dudes I looked up to were pros for Darkstar at the time.  So I was stoked on that and the boards were just so damn good!



Known for his legendary Kick flip down El Toro 20, Darkstar is honored to have Dave Bachinsky aboard!  We’re inspired by Dave’s non-stop skate missions, DIY builds, and passion to “Go shred!”

What keeps you going everyday?!
Growing up in a small city we searched every street we could for spots. Turning 16 meant we could explore anywhere!! To this day I try to never drive down the same road twice. New roads, new spots. A good friend said it best - “skateboarders are like modern day pioneers.” You never know what gem your going to stumble into.