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Darkstar Skateboards Manolo Robles interview
Darkstar Skate Manolo Interview

Interview by Luigi Sanchez

What do you think your life would be like if you were not born in Almeria, Spain? How do you think that being born in the South of Spain has influenced you as skater?  I think that I would be the same person; I would be in the same existential and spiritual plane as I am at now… I could be you and you could be me, but who knows bro… Being born in the South of Spain has been crucial for me. Almeria is one of the most enlightened cities in the world, and down here, Schumann resonance and sunlight are a very important part of our lives. Light is one of the main gateways to knowledge. Sunlight provides you with energy and happiness, something that is very important when you want to practice any activity...