Loathing with Cameo Wilson

Black and White Harley Days

Darkstar x Harley Photo Shoot With Our Friend Seu Trinh

Getting some photos for the release of the Harley-Davidson® collab.

Darkstar x Murks Lurks

Mirko Antich, or better known in cyberspace as Murk Lurks, is a visual artist known for his tongue-in-cheek illustrations and use of topical word play. Influenced by early punk flyers, 90's skate graphics, and L.A. beach culture, Mirko's work is tough at first glance, but playful at heart.
Video by Ryan Hackbarth // insta @rhack


Darkstar Skateboards is proud to announce the first official Harley-Davidson® skateboard collaboration – a must-have collectors edition for Harley-Davidson enthusiasts and devoted followers. The Darkstar x Harley-Davidson collaboration is available worldwide, exclusively at core skate shops and select online retailers.


Darkstar Spring 2016 Team Boards

Darkstar x Sorayama


Darkstar introduces a limited edition collaboration with Hajime Sorayama for Spring 2016. Hajime Sorayama is a legendary Japanese artist known for erotic portrayals of women and organic robotic forms. Sorayama’s reputation was initially established in the 1980’s with the “Sexy Robot” series - a body of work which shocked people throughout the world for his hyper realistic artful depictions of sensual metallic qualities and reflected light. Sorayama continues to live and work in Japan today.

Watch full VHS Magazine Interview HERE


©Hajime Sorayama / http://Sorayama.net

Darkstar Zodiac Pro Series

Manolo Robles, Ryan Decenzo, Plg, Dave Bachinsky, Cameo Wilson, and Greg Lutzka Zodiac Pro boards are available now! Ranging in sizes from 7.75" to 8.375", these boards are made in a single deck press with resin epoxy, 100% Canadian maple, and are guaranteed against breakage for 30 days.

Manolo Robles Interview | Darkstar Skateboards

Darkstar Skateboards Manolo Robles interview
Darkstar Skate Manolo Interview

Interview by Luigi Sanchez

What do you think your life would be like if you were not born in Almeria, Spain? How do you think that being born in the South of Spain has influenced you as skater?  I think that I would be the same person; I would be in the same existential and spiritual plane as I am at now… I could be you and you could be me, but who knows bro… Being born in the South of Spain has been crucial for me. Almeria is one of the most enlightened cities in the world, and down here, Schumann resonance and sunlight are a very important part of our lives. Light is one of the main gateways to knowledge. Sunlight provides you with energy and happiness, something that is very important when you want to practice any activity...