Interview by Manny Santiago

Everyone knows you Kickflipped “El Toro” and that you are a mini ramp wizard but what do you enjoy skating the most? Let’s start this off...ripping a slash (5-0) on a ramp is the best thing! I love skating street though because it’s always an adventure with the friends! Nothing beats a solid mission with a crew!!

Being that you’re from Lowell, MA... which has harsh winters and windy fall weather... what motivated you To skate through-out those conditions?  Friends and learning new tricks!! We had a pavilion that we would go skate flat. It had a 4 crack in the ground that we would play games of skate over. So many good times with the homies, making something out of nothing! The real mission was getting someone with a truck to bring that flat bar or box out!

People assume that we both are from Florida,are we? Haha... run us down memory lane The good ol’ south! Seven years spent running from thewinters!! We basically are haha. Every November we would pack up the car with all of our skateboards and drive south. We would start the drive with sweatshirts and jackets on and as we drove south our articles of clothing would be slowly getting tossed to the side, along with the windows going down further from state to state... it was the best!

What happened to you on that trip you decided to bring a portable bike? We went on an 18 day tour throughout 5 countries. I was getting into biking when I was too sore to skate. I loved that you could see more random streets than you would with a car. I decided to buy a bike that would fold into 15 inches and pack it for this trip... [Turned out the bike broke several times, with] the overall mark being $950 bucks spent on dead weight and the last day of the trip we were all drinking beer at the bar and this guy comes up to all of us and asked if one of us wants to buy his bike for $12 bucks. Everyone on the trip will never let me live this shit down!  Rent a Bike!

What’s the best thing about your backyard besides the cartoon drawing of me on your wall?! Haha you’re always just chilling in the backyard!... I have built myself a little oasis from the city living. OC Ramps let me have all their scraps so I’ve built a wood working table. I reuse broken skateboards and turn them mostly into picture frames. I’ve been selling the frames online and giving back 75% of the money to the skate scene of Lowell Massachusetts. For more information go to

Talking about your backyard, I recently went to Louie  Barletta’s shop and you guys seem to have a lot in common, what do you think of all this skateboard art people are making? It’s so amazing! There’s so many talented people out there making the raddest things! I’m always inspired by peoples’ work with skateboard recycling - It’s hard to make and there’s endless possibilities to build something out of a skateboard.  Search #RecycledSkateboards  - you’ll be inspired.

Last but not least... now that SALTnPEPPER is done are we going to make RICEnBEANS or MILKnCOOKIES?! Let’s give the people some dessert!! What y’all think!?!  MilknCookies?